Secure and convenient online wallet

What is Opera wallet?

It is a wallet that allows you to make online payments via Opera Wallet payments by making a deposit to Opera via bank transfer, credit card or cryptocurrency.

Secure and fast withdrawals can be made by transferring legal tender to your designated bank account and cryptocurrency transfers are also supported.

You can send and receive money instantly between wallets. It makes money transfers much easier.

Features and benefits


Credit cards, debit cards and cryptocurrencies, GooglePay, Alipay and bank transfers (Japanese banks and overseas banks) can be deposited in 6 legal currencies (USD, JPY, CAD, EUR, HKD, GBP).


Withdraw the requested legal tender to your designated bank account. With domestic banks, money can be transferred in as little as 3 USD in JPY on the same day, and with cryptocurrency transfers, withdrawals are available instantly.

Easy registration with eKYC

Account opening is completed entirely online. It usually takes about 60 seconds minutes after submitting your identity verification with the easy eKYC tool.

Wallet-to-Wallet transfer

Transfers between wallets can be made free of charge. Immediate transfers and receipts are available 24/7 to meet your funding needs with low commission costs.